Monday, April 21, 2014

family time and other things that occupy us

mental note to self: take more pictures. the first event I pull my camera out for this year has been a quarter through the year. thank goodness for the right click save on FB.
 my family's easter dinner and spring birthday celebration was delicious and relaxing. (thanks, mom!)
 we've stretched out our celebrating until today so we have more goodies to distribute and ham to eat at our house.
 little c should have been a twin. look at me fitting in writing when he is otherwise occupied. sneaky, I know...    the countdown to book is close upon us. and summer is fast behind. my favorite, long day, fit-in-more-fun time of the year

Friday, April 11, 2014

it's spring. go outside.

 we took advantage of this first spring weather day to haul the living room table outside and paint it to match my Adirondack chairs. instant set for the cost of $1 paintbrushes (that was my rationale while the living room sat tableless for the week and D was wondering where to put his coffee cup in the meantime.)
 no wonder the middlest  and little c picked this tree to hold their tree fort -- check out the view. 10 points if you spot little c's silhouette reading off the ground.
a week later I came across this "tater bin" (as written on the tag in a local thrift store) great price, amazing workmanship, and weathered hinges. it had coffee table with book corralling storage written all over it. so I brought it home.

on the home front -- all three boys now have after school work to be driven to. little c couldn't be more thrilled to inherit some of the lawnmowing jobs the middlest did before getting a few hours at a local farm helping to feed calves. we've also added school track team and my soccer to the schedule because tis the season. if my stories take on a carpooling and athletic tone, you'll know why.

my reading team has their work cut out for them.e book launch is coming up in less than a month. and more exciting news to come. stay tuned.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

books and virtual candy

It's been a writing intensive spring break. Took some days off from work to hang out with the kids and alternate between reading, writing, candy crush, and my favorite short workout  on repeat to train for soccer season. Missing my oldest who is gallivanting with his French class in Quebec and Montreal. Have been driving the middlest to his new farm job, and keeping the youngest in craft kits. Dinner party last night (amazing thai food this time), breakfast out with my cousins and sister this morning, and some more family celebrating for d's grandma's bday tonight.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

spring break scheming and other niceties

 little c and I are bribing ourselves with a new tablet to meet our reading and writing quotas over spring break. so far, brilliant plan.
you can see how much the oldest and middlest love being documented for the blog below (and I am using this to explain why my scrapbooks now mostly contain pictures I have right clicked off their facebooks ;)

 little c's newest obsession is filling our microwave with the toxins necessary to shrink chip bags down to the size of a pin. have to admit, it is a fascinating process (steps for the interested: approx. 10 seconds on high for an 180g bag) fastest craft in the world.

Thursday, March 06, 2014

chai for breakfast, indoor stables, and reading about the art world

 if you are a lover of chai, you will be thrilled to know you can now eat your favorite flavor for breakfast as oatmeal. it's weird so you know I impulse purchased (verdict: good, but not topping sally's dark chocolate flavor).
the week has been running past juggling multiple work ventures, some family time with the kids' cousins on both sides, mommy chores like supergluing the broken glasses while we wait for the replacement ones, and attempting to fit a new read about Emily Carr into the mix.
 D and little C executing little C's stable plans for his horse Charlie (as close as he'll come to having a horse while under this roof -- I've seen the sort of life take-over horses are -- worse than hockey ;)

Monday, March 03, 2014

stitching and other crafting

 Because we have two many pillowcases and not enough magic bags, and because the snow has cabined us in, little c has turned to whipping up practical gifts and I have been reading and writing.
  enjoyed girlchild by tupelo hassman. (and remembered to document it on good reads ) thought I would ever since I saw it reviewed in people magazine (surprising source for consistently good book recommendations)
off to polish up the stories that have tumbled out over the weekend.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

the next book's homestretch

tackled laundry mountain on my snow day.
released another finished short story to my reading team.
googled story research -- this morning -- what would be the typical heart rate of someone on life support?
this week is about getting my cover finalized in preparation for the new book's release in the next few months.
keep an eye on the blog for the countdown.

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