Tuesday, August 19, 2014

what's up

summer is starting to wrap up. i'm back to writing before the workday. my birthday, a wedding we are hosting, and soccer season are on the horizon. the projects i'm working on are fighting it out to be next out the door .

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Holy Puttering

 I remember the first time I came across the mundane coupled with the spiritual -- my friend Sylvia had called me up mid-day a few years ago and had said I'm not sure why, because everything seems great, but I felt the Spirit call me to pray for your family while she cleaned her floors. It turned into a couple of hours of scrubbing and spiritual intercession. And I was amazed (and if you know me -- you know I cried ;). First of all, because the timing was impeccable (as God's tends to be) and secondly because I had always been under the impression that the spiritual and the mundane needed to be kept in separate spheres due to the holiness factor of the one and the physicality of the other.

But now that I know better, and have witnessed the power in the coupling of the two (going into that mind space regularly means it will start to happen when you are in the middle of your everyday which is a powerful way to live -- knowing you have a spiritual backing), I have enjoyed puttering in early mornings, while praying for every thought and need and anxiety in my life and in the ones around me -- everything from my nuclear family to facebook friends to people in the news.

needless to say, I am thankful for her call that day
 The puttering of today: hanging picture frames near the ceiling (which isn't hard to do in a quirky old farm house with a great variety in wall size) and the planning of a chalkboard wall in the dining room to turn this:
into this:
source: http://bashooka.com/inspiration/chalkboard-typography-arts/

little c is now officially at camp. quelling my mommy nerves with editorial work and student hosting. and planning a little novel writing for later in the day.

Friday, July 25, 2014


this is how thrilling my Friday night is: Sally Hansen 330: Hard Drive, Matcha Kit Kat and Instagram review.

this is how tomorrow is shaping up: sun, 2 x celebrating the ten year old (read my baby aka little c -- I know -- I can't believe it either)'s bday

next week, he's gone to camp and I am figuring out magazine layout and other nit-picky computer jobs that are impossible to get done with an adventuring kidlet underfoot.

then I will only be distracting myself.

Monday, June 23, 2014

rooms of sadness and other things i study

read and loved this book. it was about the kind of darkness you have to read through fast so it doesn't sit too long on your soul, but half way through the book, it took a turn and the heaviness lifted and as a mother of boys, the relationship between mother and son really resonated with me.

currently studying some really interesting material and making notes for what may be the next novel.
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Thursday, June 19, 2014

bibi guns, plastic fruit, and your money

 in order to photograph my wine basket and new wall vase (which reminds me suspiciously of a beautiful version of an oversized shot glass on a string St Patrick's day revelers carry around) I had to shove into it the bibi gun and yellow safety glasses that were poking out the top. (normal I'm sure) thanks, boys
 the faux fruit basket at my house contains an equal amount of sunglasses (I stole the idea for plastic display nutrition from my sister when I noticed her house lacked the fruit flies that accompany the real thing -- now my fruit is safely in the crisper. Some wise guy has since put teeth marks in the plastic fruit. I left it, as they definitely look real now.)
I've been wrestling with gimp software for my new editorship. One successful project in, I am so thankful for the you-tubers that have gone before me (a saving grace for an impatient visual learner)

my home office is quiet for a few more hours. I'm off to take advantage of them.

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Friday, June 13, 2014

the only thing i'll copy from a 'real housewife'

first day of summer for me and there's a week of writing and house puttering I have blocked off on the calendar.
in between thrifting and meeting first with one of my favorite writer friends Allison for lunch (which doubled as touching base on upcoming projects -- we're writing a writing book together and co-hosting the writer's weekend together again this year (save the date: Nov 21-23 in Hope BC) and with my sister for starbucks and a mall crawl (she has a baby so it consisted of cursory glances at storefronts and then dashing in and out of the dollar store to buy the supplies I need to copy the arrangement I mentally circled when watching RHOC (yes, guilty pleasure exposed -- literally no brain-power needed to
watch this show so perfect when exhausted ;)
then came home and executed my favorite kind of 30 second craft: insert foam into container, arrange flowers until foam is covered. done.
then heard the boys and friends coming down the driveway post school -- time to hide with a notebook and write

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Monday, June 09, 2014

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